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Currently, we have the following inpatient departments


Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine Ward represents a ward of general orientation focusing on acute situations and providing healthcare to adult patients suffering from internal diseases and requiring final diagnostic solutions or treatment where such services cannot be provided through outpatient clinics. We deal with cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, digestive tract diseases, diabetes, diseases of endocrine glands, rheumatic diseases, less serious lung diseases, and pre-operative and endoscopic examinations that are to be undergone during hospitalization due to various reasons. At the Internal Ward, we provide infusion treatments based on recommendations of specialists.



Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

At the Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Ward, patients with failures or any threat to basic vital functions, patients requiring intensive monitoring of vital functions, and patients after extensive surgeries with serious underlying diseases and requiring intensive care are hospitalized.




At the Surgery Ward, we provide both scheduled and acute care of patients with diseases in the area of general surgery. We focus on laparoscopic surgery and digestive tract surgery due to tumours. Healthcare is provided using 28 beds and 3 surgery theatres featuring state-of-the-art devices and technologies. We have more than 1300 surgeries every year. The Surgery Ward carries out both scheduled and acute diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic examinations.




The Oncology Ward provides healthcare via the Clinical Oncology Department, the Palliative Oncological Care Department, and the Hospice to patients with already confirmed oncological diseases and to those who need differential diagnostic procedures where there is the risk of late diagnosis.


Since we deal with common cancer types, most of our patients are older than 60 years. According to the current condition of the patient, we provide either curative treatments at the Clinical Oncology Department or palliative treatment at the Palliative Oncological Care Department. Patients with advanced oncological diseases in the terminal phase receive symptomatic treatment in our Hospice.



Long-Stay Hospital (LSH)

The Long-Stay Hospital is a bed facility providing healthcare to chronically ill people, patients with injuries and those after surgeries who do not require intensive treatment but a thorough therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, and training of common daily activities.


Specialized outpatient care is provided, in addition to the polyclinic section of our hospital, also at detached clinics in Dunajská Lužná, Pezinok, and Stupava.



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