Štvrtok 23. máj 2024

The Brothers of Saint John of God in Bratislava

We are the first non-governmental hospital in Slovakia. We have been providing healthcare services continuously since 1672, following the tradition of Saint John of God. We take care of patients from Bratislava and the surrounding region and focus on human dignity and the protection of human life starting with the conception. The pillars of our care are: quality, respect, responsibility, and spirituality. In our hospital, there are eight inpatient departments with 122 beds, 49 outpatient clinics and a pharmacy. We take care of all patients regardless of race, religion and social status, in compliance with the motto: “Through the body to the soul.” Every year, more than 270 000 patients seek help and treatment in our hospital.


Every day, each hospitalized patient receives a cake and coffee for free, a visible act of solidarity and charity. We offer and spread Christian values strengthening the “Culture of Life”. In our hospital, there is a buffet that is a protected workplace offering jobs to young handicapped people. Furthermore, we have the first contact outpatient office for the deaf. An interpreter is always available to assist in physician-patient discussions.


The visiting hours for relatives are between 2.00 and 5.00 pm every day. Visitors and patients may enjoy the hospital garden.


We offer our patients and their relatives spiritual care services that include spiritual orientation with the priest, the celebration of the sacraments (Eucharist, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick), the opportunity to attend Holy Mass for both immobile and walking patients in our church and the possibility to watch and listen to prayers and church services via TV sets and earpieces while in bed.



Námestie SNP 10 SK

814 65 Bratislava

Tel: 00421/(0)2/57 88 7111